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Facts About Alpacas



  • Alpacas originated from Peru

  • They have two toes and padded feet so they don’t damage the ground

  • The gestation period of an Alpaca is 11 to 11 ½ months

  • The alpaca comes from the camelid family, which also consits of Llamas, Camels & Vicuñas

  • There are only two types of Alpacas - Suri and the Huacaya

  • The average life span of an Alpaca is 18 – 20 years

  • In Peru the average life for an Alpaca is 3 years, once over 3 years old their meat is not as tender

  • An adult Alpaca can weigh anywhere between 40kg to 90kg

  • Alpacas are a herd anaimal and will stress when they are left alone

  • Alpacas only have bottom teeth


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